The telematics provider wants to ensure that its service is driven by feedback

Telematics firm Marmalade is the latest provider to roll out insurtech’s Worry+Peace medal-based reviews across its broker distribution – the wholesale area of its business.

The reviews range from gold, silver and bronze medal ratings, reflecting positive responses with negative feedback, which can be connected to a complaints team.

Brokers form a substantial portion of Marmalade’s distribution; it serves hundreds of brokers and their buyers across the UK.

The deal with Worry+Peace represents a unique opportunity for Marmalade to ensure it is hitting the right needs for buyers who are introduced to them via other brokers.

The telematics provider has also been gifted a free annual license to Worry+Peace’s tools, which it will be able to award to a broker of its choice.

Marmalade’s broker and distribution director Andy Martin said: “The brokers we work with are a valued route to market for us - we want to ensure that our service to their buyers is powered by feedback, the kind we’ve not had the tools to gather before Worry+Peace’s.”

The announcement follows a similar move by Be Wiser in April, which struck a review platform deal with the insurtech as part of a broader feedback strategy.

Back in March, Biba joined forces with Worry+Peace to connect customers to brokers.

Conversion and insight

As a premium partner, Marmalade’s Worry+Peace page on the platform allows private reviews for its quotes and an invite for feedback prior to star reviews across the market. It hopes this feedback will offer a route to better conversion and insight.

Worry+Peace founder James York said: “Marmalade’s team supported our technology so early - we remain in awe that they saw something and stuck with us as we continued to build and listen to feedback.

“To deploy our reviews with them like this, in such a unique and important channel for their business, is a reflection of that long-term relationship - one I’m glad to say was built on transparency, trust and our ability to rapidly evolve our platform to deliver what the market needs.”

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