The increase in demand is due a 12-week self-isolation measure put in place for the elderly and most vulnerable during this time

Specialist pharmacy insurer NPA Insurance Ltd (NPAI) has urged the motor insurance industry to back community pharmacies to make sure that the 1.5 million members of the public that are at serious risk of illness from Covid-19 can continue to receive vital medicines.

This is because unlike delivery vans, commercial cars are deemed to be a “high risk category” and owners commonly find it difficult to purchase cover due to the prevalence of shunts and bumps.

The increasing pressure on pharmacies to make home deliveries across the country everyday is due to the UK being advised to stay at home and work from home where necessary but getting car insurance for this is proving difficult.

Paul Coleman, managing director at NPAI said: “Pharmacists have been tasked with the critical role of making sure that those most at risk of Covid-19 in their communities continue to receive their medications during a prolonged period of isolation.

“Yet they are finding themselves in the desperate position of spending precious hours trying unsuccessfully to find the cover they need to use their cars for home deliveries.”

Huge surge

“Yet pharmacies will need to utilise cars as well as vans in order to meet the huge surge in home deliveries,” Coleman said.

It follows prime minister Boris Johnson outlining plans for a new national community pharmacy medicines delivery service to support those most vulnerable to the virus.

This includes the elderly and those with serious underlying health conditions who have been instructed to remain in isolation for a 12-week period of ‘shielding’.

Coleman said: “During these challenging and unprecedented times, we call upon the motor insurance industry to work collaboratively to remove the threat of those most in need being unable to access the medicines they need to stay well.”

The specialist insurer is therefore asking the motor insurance industry to support pharmacies in this endeavour by offering cover for their delivery cars at reasonable prices, to therefore help provide a life-saving role during the Covid-19 epidemic.