For the 11th day of advent, Eddie Longworth, founder and director of claims and supply chain transformation consultancy Jel Consulting, discusses artificial intelligence and the ‘sweet shop’ feeling at Lloyd’s 

Every day for the festive period continuing until Christmas Eve, Insurance Times speaks to a selection of industry personalities about what they’d like to find under the tree for 2024.  

Eddie Longworth

Eddie Longworth 

What was your insurance industry highlight of 2023?

I was invited to address the great and the good of the insurtech industry on a rare visit to the Lloyd’s building and I still get a massive thrill when entering the hallowed halls. I feel like a kid in a sweet shop as I look down from the central elevator. The building may be relatively modern, but the embodiment of the history, breadth and depth of the insurance industry is still inspirational to me.

I pay consistent thanks to insurance colleagues willing to listen to my occasional rants from a conference stage (and who laugh at my stupid stories – nearly all of which are true – possibly).

What is your Christmas message for your insurance colleagues? 

Don’t try to dress like a teenager when you’re over 50 with middle-aged spread (like me). Ditch the chinos and stand out from the crowd by wearing a suit and tie! There is nothing worse than watching uncomfortable senior executives trying to get cool and trendy but forgetting that sandals and socks should never be mixed.

It’s ok when you’re working from home (just about), but do remember that when combing your hair onscreen you can be seen by everyone else and it does not make for a good look.

What do you hope to find under the industry’s Christmas tree for 2024?

A guide to artificial intelligence (AI) for real people who are unintelligent (yep – me again). I’m ok with the overhype and underpromise. I’m not too bad with half-truths and PR-speak about the pace of implementation. I can even live with the threats to jobs, human existence and the likely negative effect on the fourth dimension of time and outer space.

But can someone please explain exactly what we’re talking about. As far as I can tell AI is not actually that intelligent – but maybe that’s just me!

Answers on a postcard.