’This trial will give us access to a wealth of rich data,’ says head of motor

Insurer Aviva and Darwin Innvoation Group (DWG) has expanded its autonomous insurance project with a second self-driving vehicle in the UK.

Back in September 2021, the two firms partnered to launch the Darwin Autonomous Shuttle – since then, Darwin has shared data from the service with Aviva to enable a better understanding of how connected and autonomous vehicles (CAVs) should be insured.

Aviva feels the addition of a second shuttle will improve the data it gets and further inform its development of insurance products for autonomous vehicles.

Aviva is also insuring both shuttles for the project.

Tom Pitney, head of motor at Aviva, said: “The addition of a second shuttle to the autonomous vehicle trial marks an important milestone in our five-year partnership.

”This trial will give us access to a wealth of rich data, providing valuable insights into claims, underwriting, risk and product areas.

”This will enable us to be at the forefront of future mobility and ensure that we have products ready to insure the vehicles on our roads as they evolve and change.”


Both shuttles carry passengers around Harwell Science and Innovation Campus in Oxfordshire, in an ongoing project supported by the European Space Agency and UK Space Agency. 

The new shuttle uses cameras, LiDAR sensors, 3D maps and self-driving software to navigate a route, stop for passengers and detect obstacles. 

Daniela Petrovic, cofounder of Darwin, said: “As the transportation and insurance industries are interwoven, it’s important for insurers to develop as transport evolves.

”With the expertise we’ve developed through over two years of autonomous vehicle operation, we’re working closely with Aviva to help make widespread autonomous transport a practical reality.”