’The more safely the person drives, the more they could save on their Aviva motor insurance when they come to renew their policy,’ says head of retail propositions

Aviva has launched a new initiative to help motorists improve their driving and potentially save money at renewal.

Called MyDrive, the new proposition will monitor motorists’ driving habits through their smart phones and provide guidance to help them to drive safely. 

It will use telematics technology to evaluate accelerating, braking, cornering, speed and phone usage.

To be eligible for a discount on premiums, customers will be required to use the feature for 60 days or 400 miles 33 days before their policy ends.

The level of discount will depend on the individual motorist and how safely they drive, according to the telematics measurements.

“The more safely the person drives, the more they could save on their Aviva motor insurance when they come to renew their policy,” Lorna Whalley, head of retail propositions at Aviva, said.

“We anticipate that 85% of Aviva MyDrive users drivers will be offered a discount at renewal. Even the most experienced motorist could develop their driving habits, which could mean safer roads for everyone.”


MyDrive will be included in the MyAviva app, which is available to all users who purchase Aviva Online motor cover through a price comparison site.

Customers need to actively opt in to the scheme to enable the app – driving habits will not be monitored if people choose not to enroll.

After driving for two weeks, customers will receive fortnightly updates via the app, providing insights to enable people to improve their driving.

Users will not have their motor insurance cancelled or their premiums increased as a result of their driving habits being monitored.

“Nine out of 10 motorists think of themselves as competent drivers, but most will agree there are occasional moments when their driving could have been better,” Whalley said.

“Telematics technology is a great way for customers to get an independent analysis of their motoring skills, and potentially identify any areas where they could improve.

“While traditionally telematics tend to be associated with younger drivers, Aviva MyDrive is available to all customers who purchase Aviva motor insurance through a price comparison site – meaning all users can receive guidance on their driving.”