The insurtech made an announcement on its website urging policyholders to get in touch with regards to changes, renewals and cancellations 

Insurtech buzzvault has stopped writing policies in the UK.

According to an announcement on its website, the insurtech said: “buzzvault is changing”.

It said: “We are currently going through a restructure of our insurance business which means we are no longer selling insurance policies in the UK.”

The insurtech urged those who have a valid quotation or renewal invitation, current policyholders that want to make changes to policies and lastly those that wish to cancel their policy to get in touch directly via phone or email.

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Message on the buzzvault’s website 

Having originally launched back in 2018, buzzvault specialises in home insurance and allows policyholders to create a digital inventory of their home contents that is easily updatable. 

The insurtech has been contacted for comment.

Last year in April, its managing director of insurance product Charlotte Halkett left. She joined insurtech Bought by Many later in June that year. 

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