WhenFresh chief exec says the firm continues to bring together best in class property data assets to empower insurers 

UK property data insurtech WhenFresh has joined forces with tree mapping specialists Bluesky to make its National Tree Map (NTM) data available to insurers and other big data users.

The partnership aims to address one of UK residential properties’ most significant risks, which is subsidence.

For insurers, the proximity of trees to a property and the size of trees has important implications to the risk of subsidence.

Subsidence is when the ground beneath a property sinks, pulling the property’s foundations down with it.

This can occur when soil is drained of water in hot, dry weather, as well as if tree roots undermine the foundations of a property – particularly in combination with soil type.

Mark Cunningham, WhenFresh’s chief executive and co-founder, said: “Alongside our core proprietary data, we continue to bring together best-in-class property-related data assets as the basis for providing tailor-made solutions to empower insurers, lenders and other big data users to make better, faster and less risky decisions.

“The National Tree Map is a truly astonishing piece of work and we’re thrilled to welcome Bluesky to our ever-expanding family of data partners.

”Making the National Tree Map data easily accessible to our existing and potential customers via the WhenFresh application programming interface (API) is another great step forward.”

Re-evaluating subsidence risk

Bluesky’s NTM data will be available via WhenFresh’s API, which provides a UK residential property ’Data Supermarket’.

The firm reported that its NTM data is the most detailed data set of its kind ever produced, covering England, Wales, Scotland and the Republic of Ireland.

NTM provides a comprehensive database of the location, height and canopy or crown extents for trees of 3m and above in height. This data has applications in property insurance, subsidence risk assessment and mortgage lending, as well as for utilities, 5G, forestry, government, planning and environmental management.

Rachel Tidmarsh, Bluesky International’s managing director, said: “Teaming up with market leader WhenFresh enables us to provide insurers and lenders with more granular property level data than ever before, enabling risk and pricing teams to make better decisions for new policies and the means to re-evaluate subsidence risk to existing policy portfolios and take action as needed.”

WhenFresh is a supplier of property attribute, risk, peril, environmental, geospatial, valuations, market and climate data, primarily to UK home insurers and banks.