Product and channel management director says insurer has ’a lot more to do’

Insurer RSA is determined to become the number one for broker service as it continues to bolster its eTrading offering.

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That was according to its commercial lines product and channel management director Rob Fairs, who said the past year saw RSA play catch up with its online systems.

However, Fairs said RSA’s desire and drive to become the market’s leader remained in place.

RSA achieved an overall three-star rating from brokers in the Insurance Times eTrading Report for the third year in a row, with it securing a year-on-year improvement in its score to 3.62 from 3.56 in 2022.

Its online scores over the last three years also registered marginal increases.

“We are pleased with a third consecutive year where we have seen an improvement,” Fairs said.

“However, it is not the step change in the score we were hoping for. We recognise we have a lot more to do.

“We are seeing the improvements in the surveys we conduct with our brokers and those who are regular users of our systems have become increasingly satisfied.”


In 2022, RSA made 350 changes of various sizes to their online systems.

Speaking about the progress made with its eTrading systems, Fairs said: “We know the brokers which use the system regularly are satisfied and it is now a case of getting the message out to the wider broking community. People working with us are seeing strong results.

“What we are saying to brokers is just give us a try and see the results of the work we have put in.

”We are determined to deliver and become number one and we are happy to state that as our ambition.”

Fairs added that RSA was ”determined to double down on our investment” and over the past 18 months had “seen a complete change in our mindset”.

“We have listened to the brokers and sought to understand what they want from us,” he said.

“Last year, we understood we were playing catch up with the market.

“We have questioned everything, have redesigned some of the journeys and changed some of the screen names.

“That work is ongoing and we are preparing for some new releases in the final quarter of this year and the first half of 2024.

“Brokers can now access our flood tool system far more easily and we have improved our tradespeople quick quote system.”


This year’s eTrading report also saw many brokers express their frustration with insurers’ overreliance on technology to solve insurance questions and referrals at the expense of the ability for human interaction.

Fairs said that changes to RSA’s extranet was ”only one part of our strategy to become number one for broker service”.

“We have increased the number of underwriters by 40%,” he said.

”We have always had a reputation for our underwriting and we now have more underwriters, who have been empowered to increase the ability for any issues to be resolved at the first time of contact.

“We want brokers to have a positive service journey and that includes contacting us the way they want to contact us, with the aim of 90% first contact resolution.”

Fairs added that RSA had a clear focus on asking brokers what they wanted rather than looking to implement what the insurer thought their brokers needed.

“With the change in the team over the past 18 months, we have been restless to make changes and to make that change at a pace we have never achieved before,” he said.

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