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    Passporting less likely after Brexit paper


    Long awaited document edges UK closer to abandoning passporting rights

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    Whitepaper: The benefits of genuine customer feedback


    Feefo looks at how companies can garner genuine customer feedback to gain business insights and address customer concerns, with a case study of its collaboration with insurer Hiscox.

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    Whitepaper: Threats and opportunities of the connected home


    Innovation Group’s The Future Now Report explores the opportunities and threats posed by the connected home, which promises to alter the household insurance market forever.   This whitepaper is free to download but requires registration. To register, click here.

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    Whitepaper: Eight great risk management practices


    At a recent forum, FM Global asked nearly 200 of its clients to assemble an essential list of best practices for risk management. After a few days of intense debate, their collective wisdom was boiled down to these eight great risk management practices. This whitepaper ...

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    Whitepaper: Engaging customers through multiple channels


    Customers engage with their vendors through more channels than ever before. This white paper from Kofax customer communications specialist from Lexmark shows how customer preferences for communication channels are rapidly changing — including wide adoption of chat, email and online communities and support forums. This whitepaper is free to ...

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    Whitepaper: Writing the right business at the right price


    Being an insurer in the current climate is tough. There’s continuous pressure to win new profitable business, drive down costs, provide great customer service, increase renewal retention and keep one step ahead of the competition. Insurance technology firm SSP looks at how taking an informed approach to business development ...

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    Whitepaper: Fast-tracking correspondence with customers, partners


    This case study from Kofax customer communications specialist from Lexmark shows how a European insurance company specializing in legal assistance used communications management systems to fast-track the creation and distribution of correspondence with customers and partners, cutting costs, boosting efficiency and guaranteeing service standards. This whitepaper is free to ...