There are just eight days to go until the winners for Insurance Times’s Tech & Innovation Awards 2020 will be revealed at a virtual ceremony on 17 September

Here we feature Shepherd’s entry into Technology Partner of the Year

Shepherd entered its technology partnership proposition

What key achievement did your entry highlight?

Shepherd’s technology enabled a major shift in how the property’s risk, operating costs and energy consumption was managed. Insight across the building from continuously monitoring collecting vast amounts of data round the clock enabled English Heritage to better understand usage patterns hence reduced operational expenses with less need to call out emergency repairs and less business disruption.

Whilst being responsible for protecting the irreplaceable artefacts and contents Kenwood House also relies on their income therefore the building needs to be open and operational with their assets protected and maintenance costs reduced. Shepherd enables them to do a much better job on both of these fronts.

Can you share data or testimonials to back up your bid to win?

Stephen Chadwick, Shepherd

Stephen Chadwick, Shepherd

Nicholas Hartley, Ecclesiastical Insurance group: “Working with Shepherd has been a great experience. Their knowledge and problem-solving can-do mindset have helped broaden our minds to what’s possible. Our work serves as a powerful demonstration of true partnership between a technology company, an established insurer and its customer.”

Nicola Duncan-Finn, English Heritage: “There are many blind spots within our building and technology can help us get much better visibility. Shepherd’s technology has great potential to improve our fire, security and energy management and provide hugely valuable insight.”

What sets your firm apart from the other short-listed contenders?

Partnerships are at the heart of everything that Shepherd do meaning that every element of our approach is centred around ensuring that ourselves, our partners and their customers are all aligned with the same vision to secure a successful outcome.

The depth and breadth of Shepherd’s analytic insight adds a new lens for insurers and property owners to view the performance of their entire property enabling them to reduce risk as well as costs from optimising maintenance.

How will you celebrate if you are the victor?

Along with the Shepherd team we will certainly share this triumph with Ecclesiastical and English Heritage as this is a project that we have all worked together on.

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