The 2021 Insurance Times Etrading Survey is now open to brokers. Etrading has become even more important in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, so it’s time to share your views on your etrading experiences over the last 12 months

Insurance Times is pleased to announce the launch of the 2021 Etrading Survey

Insurance Times invites the broking community to share their experiences of the leading insurer extranet platforms and software house systems anonymously.

As each year passes, more products, services and innovations are being implemented on insurer extranet platforms and software houses. This is now the standard way of doing business for a number of brokers nationwide and the coronavirus pandemic has really made etrading even more important. 

Last year, approximately 1,000 brokers took part in our survey and voted for their leading insurer extranet, leading software house and leading insurer via software house system and much more.

Take a look at some of the insights and winners from last year’s Etrading Report here.

Brokers use the Insurance Times Etrading Survey to voice their opinions regarding the insurer platforms they have frequently used over the last 12 months of trading activity. Plus, survey respondents provide granular feedback on the broker management system their firm has implemented.

There are a number of pivotal questions to be asked of brokers regarding their etrading experience, however a key area for this year will be how well have insurer platforms and broker management systems matched broker expectations through the many challenges over the last 12 months?

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Take a look back at a selection of comments made by brokers in last year’s survey - can you guess which insurer is being discussed?

  • ”Will tell you straight away if a quote is to be declined, which is very useful to save you from running through all the details and finding that out at the end.
  • ”The system provides a good balance, with quick access and the right balance of questions.
  • ”Speed, ability to discuss non-standard risks that don’t necessarily fit the basic question set.
  • ”Works well for straightforward cases. Anything slightly complex should have a button where you can submit further details to underwriter.
  • ”Try to make sure the product is up-to-date and not likely to drop off or no-quote for no apparent reason.
  • ”Better live chat – it is frequently not available.”

To find out which insurers are being discussed above and to see more broker comments from last year’s Etrading Report, please click here. 

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Brokers predominantly using insurer extranet platforms will analyse the following factors in the survey:

  • Usability and trading ease.
  • Quotability.
  • Quality of support.
  • Quality and number of questions asked.
  • Breadth of cover and product range.

Brokers who have a broker management system are encouraged to offer feedback on the below points:

  • Usability and trading ease.
  • System reliability.
  • Range and breath of products.
  • Client management tools and support.
  • System technology and innovation.

 The Etrading Survey is now open and will close on the 9 April 2021.

All brokers that complete the survey will receive an exclusive Insurance Times Etrading Summary Report and be entered into a prize draw to win £250-worth of John Lewis vouchers.

To take part in the survey, please click here or click the survey logo below.